SMARTEL offers the most aggressive rates in the USA for major mobile networks by working directly with the carriers and passing on the savings to you.

SMARTEL Mobile is a young, innovative company that came to the market with intent to disrupt a mobile industry. They would like to make mobile plans affordable to anyone, especially data. In today’s world, everyone wants to use their smart phone to look up their favorite music video, watch a movie or just browse Facebook or the web. All these types of activities take up data and typically cost a lot from today’s carriers. There are various limitations and data caps that prevent public from truly enjoying the experience of owning a smart phone.

SMARTEL would like to change that! They have worked very hard on negotiating the best possible rates from major carriers and would like to pass on the savings directly to their customers, thus making them a serious player in today’s landscape.

They have created a truly lean, reliable and scalable operation allowing them to cut cost even further, yet deliver on the services they set out to do. SMARTEL is truly looking forward to finally making the mobile industry affordable to everyone.

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Posted on Date:
Thursday, August 13, 2015