Counterfeit Mobile Phones - a Growing Issue

Fake handbags, fake watches, fake news—these are all so familiar to us now that we don’t give them a moment’s thought and accept them as a matter of course. So it should come as no surpise to us that counterfeit phones are widespread also. How widespread? The EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EU IPO) was curious about this also and commissioned a study in 2017 to find out.
The key findings are as follows:
  • 180m counterfeit mobile phones are sold globally per annum
  • This represents a potential loss of €45bn to device manufacturers
  • Counterfeit devices represent about 13% of mobile phones sold globally, or 8% in the EU.
So, whether you realise it or not, your users are already using these devices. 
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Posted on Date:
Friday, March 22, 2019